1. This Association is called the Northampton Licensed Trades Cribbage League.



2. The league is open to Hotels, Inns, Public houses,  subject to approval of the League committee. No team will be allowed to change its playing venue during any one season except with the prior approval of the Management Committee



3. The Management committee shall be composed of;, the Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and members of the playing teams. All officers shall be elected or may be deposed at each Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called according to rule 19.



4. Cribbage matches are to be played on a league basis for such trophies and the Management Committee may make prize money as available. The precise format of the league competitions will be decided by the Management Committee and will depend upon the number of entries received.



5. The trophies shall be vested in the management committee, which shall be empowered to hold or recover these trophies for the use of the league.



6. The trophies shall be held for a period of one year by the various winners. These trophies shall be made available 14 days prior to the next presentation.



7. In each match, seven players [singles league] to form a team ,and six players [doubles league]



8. The singles league will consist of seven singles each playing five legs totalling [35 legs]

     The doubles league will consist of three doubles each playing five legs totalling [15 legs]        


9. Opponents will be drawn for by the opposing captain and play in order of selection.



10. All games should be started by 8.30 all players not present [ready to play] by 8.45pm shall forfeit their games.



11.No player shall be eligible to play for more than one team in this league in any one season.



12. Any team which plays an ineligible player according to rule 11 shall lose that match, and the points shall be awarded to the opposing team.




13. Each team entering this league is bound to do its utmost to provide a team to play, to avoid a walkover. Any team, which fails to provide a full side for three consecutive matches, shall be invited to explain its position to the Management Committee, and may be required to withdraw from the league.




14. If a team is forced to withdraw from the league, the results of that teams fixtures shall be decided as follows,      [A] When the league is played on a home and away basis the withdrawing team has completed at least half of its fixtures, the results of the first half of the competition only shall be allowed to stand. All other results [including those of a team withdrawing before the completion of half its fixtures] shall be declared void.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

[B] When teams play each other only once in the League Competition, the results of the withdrawing team shall be declared void, unless that team has completed at least three-quarters of its fixtures. If the withdrawing team has completed at least three-quarters of its fixtures, then the results shall be allowed to stand and the remaining fixtures shall be awarded to the opposing team.



15. All teams should endeavour play matches on the dates set out on the fixture list, postponements of matches may occasionally be necessary, but should not occur for trivial reasons. Any team wishing to postpone a match must inform the opposing team not less than 48 hours before the official fixture date. Any team failing to do this will forfeit the match to the opponents. Short-notice postponements can occur [e.g. Severe weather conditions or sudden emergencies]. In most cases, such occurrences can be resolved by applying common sense with due regard to the particular circumstances but should a dispute arise out of a postponed fixture, the Management Committee will normally rule against the defaulting team. Postponed matches may be re-arranged for any date, provided that both teams agree. In addition one week will be set-aside at the end of the season when such matches may be played. Any matches not played by this time will be awarded to the none-postponing team at the discretion of the Management Committee.



16. The score-sheet of each match must be sent in by the winning team to the Secretary by the Saturday of that week of the match. The captains of both teams must sign the score-sheet. Any winning team not complying with this rule shall forfeit the points


17 Any team wishing to protest against a decision or the action of an opposing team must make such protest, in writing, to the League Secretary within seven days of the occurance. The Management Committee will consider all disputes and its decisions shall be final.

 (B) If an infringement occurs between two teams the committee has the right to speak to th said captains and

decide a ruling on the infringement.


18. Entrance fees shall be determined by the Management Committee. Teams, which have not paid their entrance fees before the first fixture or before the stipulated closing date, will be withdrawn from the league.



19. No alteration or addition to these rules shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. The League Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting after fourteen days written not less than five team captains or secretaries entered in the league have given notice to him. And such written notice must specify in detail the reason[s] for doing so.



20. Each team is expected to send at least one representative to the ANNUAL general Meeting. One representative from each team should report to the League Secretary before the commencement of the meeting. One card will be issued to each team representative. These cards should be raised whenever voting takes place. Each team shall be entitled to one vote during election and voting issues at the Annual General Meeting









Each year a two –leg cribbage match is played against the Wellingborough league. The Northampton team is selected from The finalists of the pair’s competition, and the semi-finalists The semi- finalists and the finalists of the individual competitions The finaliste of the ray knight  and the management committee members.